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In the supply chain

The last few decades have seen a lot of changes in the clothing industry. As a result of globalization, almost all large companies have relocated their production to distant lands - emerging and developing nations. We have therefore set ourselves the objective, wherever our products are produced, of assuming responsibility for fair working conditions.

Fair Wear Foundation

The Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) is a grouping of trade unions, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and business associations (multi-stakeholder initiative) that works with its member companies to improve labor conditions in the textile and clothing industry.

As an independent verification body, the FWF focuses, on the one hand, on auditing production operations and evaluating and publicly reporting the progress made by its member companies in implementing its strict guidelines. On the other hand, the FWF works with its members and their producers to develop and test new approaches to continue to improve working conditions in global supply chains.

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Code of Labour Practices (CoLP)

As a member of the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF), we pledge to deal only with products manufactured under humane working conditions. The Fair Wear Foundation's "Code of Labour Practices" sets out the guiding principles for this approach. It defines the FWF's "Labour Standards", which are based on the International Labour Organization (ILO) Conventions, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the model codes of the Clean Clothes Campaign and the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions.

(Bild: Fair Wear Foundation)

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Implementation and monitoring

To ensure the effective implementation of the FWF standards, Mammut has introduced a comprehensive management system and monitors working conditions at its suppliers by means of regular audits and factory visits.

In its capacity as an independent verification body, the Fair Wear Foundation checks the improvement process on site at suppliers and conducts a detailed brand performance check to ascertain the extent to which our management systems and processes are contributing toward an improvement in working conditions at suppliers. In last year's Brand Performance Check, the FWF rated us as a "Leader". In other words, a member demonstrating exceptional performance and operating at an advanced level.

An anonymous complaints procedure also allows factory employees to report breaches of the FWF standards directly to the FWF and Mammut.

Training & build-up of capacities

In addition to continuous monitoring of working conditions at our suppliers and improving our internal processes, another increasingly important focus of our commitment to fair working conditions is information and training for factory managers and workers.

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For society

In terms of corporate responsibility, Mammut clearly focuses on activities directly related to the company's core business - as it is convinced that this is where it can achieve most. However, this does not rule out other optional social commitments. The main aim is to pass on equipment, the company’s outdoor know-how and mountain experience.

Cooperación Alpinista Suiza-Perù

The "Cooperación Alpinista Suiza-Perú" was set up in 2007 by the former Zurich City Council President Dorothée Fierz and the former Peruvian ambassador in Switzerland, Elizabeth Astete. This project marked the resumption of a traditional cooperation between Switzerland and Peru, dating back to the 1980s and the establishment of the Peruvian mountain guide association, which was later incorporated into the first South American IFMGA association.

Mammut has also been supporting the Peruvian mountain guide association (AGMP) with equipment, training and the opening of new horizons since 2010 under the Cooperación Alpinista Suiza-Perù.

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Animal protection

Due to their excellent properties, materials of animal origin are sometimes used in mountain sports equipment. Mammut strives to ensure that these materials are sourced from ethically responsible animal husbandry operations and obtained under animal-friendly conditions. In the procurement of materials of animal origin, Mammut follows strict independent standards, where available.


Down is an important natural material in mountain sports products, and to date no alternative synthetic product has been able to beat it in terms of weight, compressibility and insulation properties. Unfortunately, some down production operations use unethical and inhumane practices, such as force-feeding and live plucking.

Mammut has always firmly rejected down from unethical animal husbandry. To ensure that the down used in our products comes from operations with ethically responsible animal husbandry practices, Mammut relies on the Responsible Down Standard (RDS) certification for its down procurement. Only certified down is used in our products.

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No real fur

For ethical considerations, Mammut does not use real fur.

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