Inspired by Engadin

Outdoor lifestyle garments have been an
integral part of Mammut's range for many
seasons. A separate collection has now
finally been dedicated to this area, entitled,
quite literally: "Inspired by Engadin". The
result is a complete and harmonious concept
consisting of beautiful color combinations,
stylish cuts and carefully selected materials.
With "Inspired by Engadin", Mammut is meeting
customers' need to show their affinity with
the "Absolute Alpine world" in everyday life
as well. Mammut has developed modern, chic,
outdoor-style garments which are still
identifiable with the brand's roots.

Mammut Inspired by Engadin
Alvra Pull

The pullover is made in Switzerland using the 'Fully Knitted Garment' technology. Rather than being produced in several sections, the products are made from a single piece of fabric, which means they are completely without seams. This allows the garment to maintain its natural elasticity and provides optimal stretch and freedom of movement. Merino wool also ensures ideal temperature regulation, protection from UV, resistance to water and dirt and enormous stretch properties. All these technical features together with Swiss production and a simple, modern design make the Alvra ML Pull a prestige product from the "Inspired by Engadin" collection.

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