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Avalanche Airbags

Safety Check Airbag 3.0

SAFETY FIRST: Mammut asks customers to check that Airbag System 3.0 has been correctly installed

Safety and quality of the products are the number one priority for Mammut. For this reason, Mammut is asking customers who own Generation 3.0 Mammut avalanche airbags to check the path of the deployment cable, in order to ensure that their avalanche safety equipment functions correctly.

All customers in possession of a Generation 3.0 avalanche airbag (neon orange deployment handle) of Winter 16/17 and Winter 17/18 seasons are requested to test them in accordance with the following instructions or contact Mammut Customer Service. Avalanche airbags from previous seasons (red deployment handle) are not impacted. The installation problem is easy to identify and fix.

In some cases, incorrect installation of the system may have caused significant bending of the deployment cable. This could have a negative effect on the functioning of the avalanche airbag after repeated deployment. If you identify the installation problem described in the instructions, please rectify it immediately in accordance with the following instructions. If you are in any way unsure, please contact Mammut Customer Service.

Thank you for reacting to this appeal for inspection - Safety First!

1. Determine whether this appeal for inspection applies to your avalanche airbag.

All impacted airbags (Generation 3.0) have a neon orange deployment handle. Mammut RAS and PAS systems and Snowpulse Highmark brand products with the Mammut Airbag System 3.0 must be checked.

Generation 2.0 Mammut and Snowpulse systems (red handle) are not impacted.

2. If you have a 3.0 system, please open the main compartment of the backpack (the compartment with the hook and loop fastener that contains the airbag itself, does not have to be opened).

3. Remove the pressure cartridge, if it is screwed in.

4. Check the position of the deployment cable:

The area in which the black cable exits the deployment unit should be clearly visible. The Bowden cable should also feed into the shoulder strap without any significant bending. If this is the case, then the product has been installed correctly and your airbag is ready for use once the cartridge has been screwed in. If the cable is not clearly visible (as shown in the illustration on the right) and there is significant bending, please fix the problem as follows:

5. Instructions for repair

Open the shoulder strap zipper under which the deployment handle is located.

Pull the cable sharply above the hook.

6. Check again that the cable has been correctly fed into the deployment unit. Once you have screwed in the cartridge, your airbag rucksack is ready for use.

You can check that it has been correctly installed by conducting a training deployment. Please use the Trigger Test Tool supplied and follow the steps described in Chapter 5.5 of the manual delivered with the product. Please conduct the training deployment twice.


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1. What can I do if I cannot check and repair the product on my own?
Please contact Mammut Customer Service. You can send the airbag to us free of charge and we will test it.

2. What exactly is the problem and what is the safety risk?
Although the system functions reliably upon initial deployment, once the new cartridge is screwed in, the appropriate tension may in certain cases be lacking in the mechanism, as significant bending of the cable can cause friction. In some cases this can cause the system not to deploy correctly.

3. Has this installation problem led to any accidents?
This appeal for inspection is precautionary and we are not aware of any accidents. The installation problem was discovered during a routine quality and warehouse check.

4. Is it possible that the installation problem has caused permanent damage to my airbag system?
No - as soon as the cable is fed correctly, the system works perfectly well. In certain cases there may be slight damage to the black plastic cable sheath where it is connected to the deployment unit. However, this will not in any way impact the functioning of the product. If you are in any way unsure, please contact Mammut Customer Service.

5. Can the cable slip into the wrong position again once the airbag has been used?
No, this is not possible. When installing the system in a Mammut or other backpack yourself, please read the corresponding user guide carefully. The installation problem may occur again if you do not follow the user guide.

6. Is the installation problem only possible if the installation was carried out by Mammut, or is it possible if I installed the system myself?
Routine checks identified certain installation problems in Mammut's production plant. The problem should not occur if you installed it correctly in accordance with the user guide.

7. Are avalanche airbags by the licensed brands Dakine, Thule, Rip Curl and Noröna also impacted?
No - these backpacks were supplied without a mounted airbag system. When installing the system in a Mammut or other backpack yourself, please read the corresponding user guide carefully. The installation problem may occur if you do not follow the user guide.

8. Avalanche airbags by various brands have often been impacted by recalls and appeals for inspection. Is this technology really safe?
Avalanche airbags are based on relatively new, complex technology, which is constantly being improved. However, overall, avalanche airbags have saved many lives and such measures to fix problems have prevented accidents and any potential fatalities from being caused by the system failing.

If you have any further questions, please contact Mammut Customer Service.